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Ptit Pote - Black Bone Pet TagPtit Pote - Black Bone Pet Tag
Pumba - Blue Bone Pet TagPumba - Blue Bone Pet Tag
Oliver - Green Circle Pet TagOliver - Green Circle Pet Tag
Havane - Red Bone Pet TagHavane - Red Bone Pet Tag
Orka - Pink Bone Pet TagOrka - Pink Bone Pet Tag
Poppie - Purple Bone Pet TagPoppie - Purple Bone Pet Tag
Tess - Purple Heart Pet TagTess - Purple Heart Pet Tag
PonPon - Red Heart Pet TagPonPon - Red Heart Pet Tag
Marvel - Black Bone Pet TagMarvel - Black Bone Pet Tag
Wolfyy - Gold Bone Pet TagWolfyy - Gold Bone Pet Tag
Jango - Red Bone Pet TagJango - Red Bone Pet Tag
Luigi - Blue Bone Pet TagLuigi - Blue Bone Pet Tag