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How to properly choose your pet tag?


A pet tag is:

  • Aesthetic: It's a pendant for pets. It can match the color of the collar, feather, gender and everybody can choose their style.
  • Useful: It shows clearly the owner information in order to be contacted quickly without the need to go see a veterinarian.
  • Mandatory: In certain country like Switzerland, pet tags are required by law.

Choose the Style

There are multiple style of pet tags that will best fit you and your pets.

Choose the shape.

Circle, Heart, Rectangle, Paw, Bone, etc... There are multiple shape for the tags... For a maximum confort, it is best to choose rounded borders.

Choose the correct material

You will be able to find a lot of kind of material for your pet tag, from simple to composite like stainless steel, aluminum, plexi, resin or brass !

Of course, you should avoid any material that can easily oxide and leave some residue that can be bad for your pet.

At FreePetTags.us we only offer for now tags that are made out of anodised aluminum that allow aesthetic, durability, lightness for confort and cheap prices.

Choose the correct size for your pet

One of the most important part is the selection of the size of your pet tag. It shouldn't bother your pet and should be sized properly. In case you're hesitating, it is better to take too small than too big.

  • 0.79'' : for small cats and small dog breeds
  • 1.00'' : for cats and small dog breeds
  • 1.20'' : for middle size dog breeds
  • 1.40'' : for big size dog breeds

Choose the engraving

At FreePetTags.us, engraving is included in the price.

But what to write on these pet tags? A neighbor, a walker can find your pet. His first reflex would be to look for a pet tag that will allow him to conact the owner directly. If the dog do not wear one, he will have to contact a veterinarian or a shelter as your pet should have a microchip that can only be read by a professional with an chip reader.

  • Your name - to find you in the neighborhood
  • Phone number - cellphone and/or landline to call you
  • Your address or region - to gauge the distance to return the pet
  • Your region or country - when you travel with your pet
  • The presence of a microchip - in order to check with the veterinarian
  • If there is a reward
  • Pets caracteristics - nice, fearful, diabetic, – gentil, peureux, diabétique, epileptic, ...
  • Pet's name - to get his/her attention (It's last in the list because some people thinks that it can help pet's thieves to get sympathy from you pet)

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